#87 Parahawk The World Is Not Enough

The James Bond Car Collection #87
ボンドカーコレクション #87
UH Universal Hobbies/GE Fabbri社製、1/43スケールのミニカー

Parahawk from The World Is Not Enough
パラホーク (007 ワールド・イズ・ノット・イナフ)

オンライン・ショップ (売り切れの場合あり)


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  1. Hi..I notice that you have all of the UH James Bond vehicles listed…I was wondering if you know whether they have plans to produce the boat with the parasail from “Moonraker”?…It’s the only vehicle from the movies that I havent seen UH produce yet, and it seems highly overlooked to me…


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